If there are no shared resources present in your Resource Library/Browser, it is likely the resources are either not installed or they are not present in the location the software is looking for them.

If you believe the shared resources have been installed, you can use Windows and Mac OS X to search for relevant files.

In Windows, you can search in My Computer. On a Mac, simply open a Finder window, type into the spotlight search in the top right.

Good examples of files in the library to search for are:

  • ActivStudio/Primary 3: user00.as2
  • ActivInspire: beach.as2

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

Click on the files and you will see their path. There will be some folder structure within the library, the root folder for the library is everything before Shared Backgrounds or Backgrounds. If the files are not found then you are missing part or all of your resources and will want to reinstall as appropriate.

Once you have the root path, open your software, go into the main menu, and open Studio Settings (PC), Preferences (Mac), or File, Settings (ActivInspire).

Select Profile and Resources, and look for the setting for shared documents. Uncheck the box (which selects the program default) and type in or browse to the path you found previously. Click on OK to save the changes and exit settings.

User-added image

Now check your resource library/browser, the files should be present.

If you are still concerned that you may be missing some files, try searching for the following:

  • ActivStudio/Primary 3: user00.as2 and class calculator.swf
  • ActivInspire: beach.as2 and Parthenon.as2

Two files are included because resources install from different sources. Mac Activstudio has resources on two different discs; Downloaded versions of ActivStudio have a core resources installer and resource packs; ActivInspire has a set of core resources that install with the software and a separate resource pack. The former files listed above for each piece of software come with the core resources/on the first disc, the latter files come in the resource pack/packs/second disc. Searching for both ensures that you have all the resources for your software, and if part is missing you can reinstall as appropriate. If you have resources for more than one piece of software installed, note that you may have the files in different paths.

If ActivStudio or ActivPrimary are present, ActivInspire will use the existing folders by default. However, certain versions of ActivInspire when installed before ActivStudio will not create or use ActivStudio folders by default. If the files are in different paths, you will most likely want them all in the same path, so that ActivInspire can then see ActivStudio resources. Simply open the root folder for the resources at one of the paths (e.g. ActivInspire). Then cut or copy and paste the contents of the folder (including all subfolders) into the other path (ActivStudio). Finally, redirect both pieces of software as above to look in the same location.