Ensure you have connected an ActivHub (AH1) or your 2nd Generation ActivBoard to your computer.
User-added image  User-added image

In ActivInspire, open the Voting Browser and click Device Registration. The Device Registration dialog box displays:

  • A picture of an ActivHub or ActivBoard
  • ActiVote and ActivSlate devices under Device Groups

Select ActiVotes and click Register.

Enter the number of devices you wish to register and click Next.

The next window shows clear step-by-step instructions, with images, so your students can complete the registration process.

If your students are registering their own devices, they should:

  • Press and hold the central Registration button on the ActiVote devices. The top red light flashes, followed by the green light.
  • Release the Registration button and enter the PIN.

ActivInspire registers the ActiVote devices to the ActivHub, and you will see the number of registered devices in the window.

When all devices are registered, the Device Registration window will close automatically. If registration fails for any of the devices, the window must be closed manually and the registration process repeated.