Before attempting to remove the projector from the ActivBoard+2 System, please ensure the projector has been powered down, and the fans have stopped running. Then switch off the power to the ActivBoard+2 system from the mains.

Required tools:

  • 5mm Allen key
  • Adjustable spanner

After having made sure that the mains power has been switched off from the ActivBoard+2 system, firstly, lower the system via the handle under the ActivBoard to a height where you can then access the projector. Remove all the cables from the back of the projector.

User-added image

Looking side on at the projector, you will notice it is attached to the arm of the ActivBoard+2 system by 2 bolts.

User-added image

Use the 5mm Allen key to remove these two bolts from their positions. Once the two bolts have been removed from their positions, you will now be able to remove the projector from the arm of the ActivBoard+2 system, by feeding the cables through the cylindrical bracket.

Once the projector has been removed from the ActivBoard+2 frame, place it on a flat surface.

You will then see 4 nuts holding on the metal bracket to the projector which need to be removed.

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Using the adjustable spanner, remove these four nuts. (NB: the two nuts holding the cylindrical brackets do not need to be removed).

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After the nuts have been removed, you should now be able to remove the metal bracket completely from the projector, leaving access to four positioning screws that hold the projector to the metal bracket. These four positioning screws will also have springs wrapped around them.

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Remove these screws either by turning them with your fingers, or using the adjustable spanner.

When the bracket kit has been removed from the projector, you should have:

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  • 2 x locking bolts (to hold the cylindrical part of the plate to the ActivBoard+2 frame arm)
  • 4 x nuts
  • 4 x positioning screws
  • 1 x projector bracket (including cylindrical bracket)

Please keep these parts safe, as they are required to fit your replacement / repaired projector.

Please reverse this procedure when re-mounting a projector to the ActivBoard+2 system.