ActiVote settings can be saved in a flipchart file (.flp) and a Question Master file (.qmf). Simply copy these files to your Mac in whatever way you wish; some examples include a USB drive, email or a network storage area.

The flipchart will be a .flp file, these can be opened with ActivStudio or ActivPrimary on both Windows and Mac computers. At any time you can right click (control click) the flipchart page and choose ActiVote > Question Settings > Show. This will allow you to edit the question, the answers, the correct answer and a time limit if used. You can also delete the flipchart page to remove a question.

If the flipchart was created with Question Master, available through the Create: Assessment/Quiz dashboard link, then you will also have been able to save a QMF file by navigating to File > Save To. The Question Master tool is also available in the Mac software, simply choose the Create: Assessment/Quiz link from the dashboard, go to File > Open From, and open the QMF file. This will open the questions in a wizard type environment; you are free to edit any of the settings and save a new flipchart at the end.

Please note, support for ActivStudio and ActivPrimary was withdrawn in December 2011.