This article is applicable if all the below issues are present:

  • The LED isn't lit in the top left corner of the ActivBoard
  • No beeps are heard when the system is fully shut down, disconnected from the mains and started up correctly
  • The power light on the projector is lit

If the projector is working and displaying an image, then the issue is likely to be with the ActivBoard power supply. Please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support for further assistance as the power supply and/or DC power lead may need to be replaced. To purchase these parts, please visit Need It Now and select ActivBoard Older Version.

However, if the projector has no power then there is likely a problem with the mains supply to the whole system (as both the projector and the ActivBoard feed off the same mains cable). If both items are not powering up then try plugging the ActivBoard+2 mains cable into a different mains wall socket.