If the right click context menu appears when using the ActivPen with your ActivBoard there are several things can be done to isolate the fault and fix it.

Ensure that the right click button on the barrel of the ActivPen is not stuck or being accidentally pushed.

Switch the power for your ActivBoard off and then back on. The ActivBoard should beep when switched back on. Try your ActivPen again.

If the problem persists, try another known working ActivPen; if another ActivPen works then please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support with your ActivBoard serial number.

If another ActivPen is behaving in a similar way, there may be an issue with the ActivBoard itself. Please update to the latest version of ActivDriver and check for updates in your Promethean software.

Updating the firmware of your ActivBoard may also resolve the issue, please locate your ActivBoard model and check the Knowledge Base articles for further instructions.