Your Promethean projector is constantly monitoring the status of its systems. Readings that appear out of the ordinary are recorded into a Warning Log.

To access the warning log. Press the menu button on your projector remote and move the selection across to the Spanner and Screwdriver icon. The text to the top left of the display should say Language. Now move down the left hand column (using the down arrow key) until the text changes to Warning Log. Now press the remote control Select button twice.

The log has the ability to store up to 10 readings, with the most current appearing at the top of the list.

NB: When the factory default function is executed, all the warning log records will be deleted.

Below you will find a list of the possible warnings generated by your projector.

Lamp FailureLAMP failed to light or LAMP automatically shut off
Lamp ReplacementReached maximum number of hours for LAMP
Power FailurePower Failure or Fan Failure
Inside temp. A errorReached shutdown temp threshold around LCD area
Inside temp. B errorReached shutdown temp threshold around lamp
External temp errorReached shutdown temp threshold around intake
Power offWhen "Power
Management" feature is set for shutdown
PJ Filter ErrorFilter reached maximum use time