Your Promethean ActivBoard system includes an ActivBoard and a projector. Both are powered by a central mains power supply.

Should you need to reset your ActivBoard, care must be taken to switch off the projector before disconnecting the mains power supply. If the mains power support is cut while the projector is still in operation, the projector and its lamp are likely to be seriously damaged.

Press the Power button on your projector remote control. The projector will enter a shutdown sequence and the fans will continue to run for a few minutes in order to cool the lamp. It is imperative that the projector be allowed to shut down properly before disconnecting the power.

Once the projector has shut down, you are free to disconnect the mains power supply from your Promethean ActivBoard system. If you are using an ActivBoard 100 or 300, you should also disconnect the USB cable from your computer.

Wait a few seconds for the ActivBoard flame to go out, and then reconnect the power supply and USB cable. The ActivBoard may emit a few short beeps and the flame will go through a start-up sequence. The ActivBoard has been reset.