This article will help you get up and running with the Question Manager; creating a series of basic questions to send to your Student Response System devices.

To create questions, open ActivInspire and click Insert, then Question. Doing so will open the Question Manager window.

Question Manager has three main screens, Design View, Document View and Question Generators. These can be accessed via the tabs to the top of the screen.

The general process for creating a series of questions is to create and customise your questions within the Design View.

The Document View can be used should you wish to organise and print your questions (and answers) for easy reference.

The final tab, Question Generators, can be called upon to generate a random series of simple mathematical questions.

Creating Questions

Launching the Question Manager opens the Design View with an empty table, ready for question creation. To create your first question, choose the type of question you wish to ask from the dropdown menu above the table, then click the text Type here to add a new question and enter your question.

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Once the question title has been answered, you are free to alter the specifics of the question by clicking the boxes adjacent to the question. Further question customisations can be made by making use of the Question Properties section to the right of the screen.

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Once you are happy with your question, click Done to return to your flipchart, or follow the process again to create another question.

Creating copies of questions

While you have been creating your questions, the Document View has been cataloguing and presenting them in a printer friendly format. Using the document properties section you are able to rearrange how the questions will appear on the print out. Doing so will not change the order of the questions presented to the students.

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Generating Random Mathematical Questions

Should you wish to help your class brush up on basic mathematical questions, or sprinkle a few mathematical questions within a standard quiz session, Question Generators is the ideal place to go.

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You simply need to dictate how many questions you want to create, the types of sum to use and the number range to restrict to, and click Generate. The questions will auto-populate inside the Design View where you can leave them as they are, or tailor them inside the Question Properties panel (as with standard questions).

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