One of the added features of the PRM-20 projector is that it natively supports widescreen resolution laptops for projecting a widescreen image onto a widescreen ActivBoard (87"/95" ActivBoard). The projector also supports 4:3 aspect ratio ActivBoards (64"/78"), and therefore can be used with all ActivBoards.

This document identifies the correct aspect ratio for each ActivBoard, and the different variants of screen resolution which can be used natively with the projector, as well as information on how to adjust your projector to display the correct image.

List of ActivBoards and aspect ratios:

  • 95” - 16:9 (Widescreen)
  • 87” - 16:10 (Widescreen)
  • 78” - 4:3
  • 64” - 4:3


4:3 Aspect Ratio16:9 Aspect Ratio16:10 Aspect Ratio
320 x 240852 x 480320 x 200
640 x 4801280 x 720640 x 400
800 x 6001365 x 7681280 x 800
1024 x 7681600 x 9001440 x 900
1152 x 8641920 x 10801680 x 1050
1280 x 960  
1400 x 1050  
1600 x 1200  
1920 x 1200  
2048 x 1536  
2560 x 1600  
3200 x 2400  
4000 x 3000  
6400 x 4800  
7680 x 4800  

This article will show how to set up the image correctly on all variants of ActivBoard (64"/ 78"/ 87"/ 95"). We also assume that the projector has been installed correctly and has been tested by the system installer.

Before starting please ensure your computer is set to one of the resolutions listed above in accordance with your ActivBoard size.

The following process is applicable to 87"/ 95" ActivBoards using both Widescreen laptops and Non-Widescreen laptops:

  • Connect the laptop/ PC to the wall box VGA connection.
  • Press the Auto PC button on the projector remote control.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote control.
  • Press the right arrow key on the remote control to navigate to the System option.
  • Press the down arrow key until either of the following has the red arrow next to it:
    • WXGA1
    • WXGA3
  • Then press Select.
  • Now you will need to press the Auto PC button again on the remote control.
  • The image should now be setup onto the board correctly.
  • If WXGA1 and 3 do not appear in the list above when you attempt this then it maybe that your particular laptop does not support the output of widescreen resolutions (you will need to speak to your IT team or your laptop manufacturer to verify this).

The following process is applicable to 64"/78" ActivBoards using both Widescreen laptops and Non-Widescreen laptops.

  • This should be automatically picked up by the projector when the laptop is connected.
  • Connect the laptop to the wallbox VGA connection and then press the Auto PC button on the remote control.
  • Change the screen resolution on the laptop to one of the 4:3 ratio resolutions.
  • Then press the Auto PC button on the remote control again.