ActivEngage2 has been simplified for ease of use, installation and support. It is different from Promethean ActivEngage in many ways.

New architecture

ActivEngage2 is a web-based program built on the Promethean platform. The previous version was based on client-server architecture, requiring software to be installed on the client and the server. ActivEngage2 is not a cloud product; it still needs to be installed on the server computer.

ActivEngage2 Server web console

ActivEngage2’s centre for configuration is now on the web, making it easier for administrators to maintain and configure the server and manage the license(s) remotely.

New clients

Because ActivEngage2 is web-based, there is no longer a need to install Promethean software on a client device. Almost any device can be a client through the web browser or mobile app. 

Equation handling

ActivEngage2 is more like ActivExpression with equation handling. Teachers can now send equations to students, and students can respond with an equation using the built-in equation editor.

Question navigation

This new addition is another way that makes ActivEngage2 more like ActivExpression. When running a self-paced question set, students can now skip questions and come back to them later.

Easy installation and configuration

Network administrators will be glad to know that ActivEngage2 no longer relies on multiple UDP and TCP/IP ports. The elaborate installation is a thing of the past. ActivEngage2 only requires the installation of one program on the server and one TCP/IP port for the server and hubs. Hub discovery has also been eliminated.