Please follow the steps below when cleaning your ActivPanel:

  • Switch off the ActivPanel and disconnect the power cable.
  • Shut down the attached computer and disconnect its power cable.
  • Do not use any liquid or spray cleaner when wiping the device.
    • We recommend mixing a solution of 50% isopropanol and 50% water in a spray bottle, and spraying this onto a micro-fibre or 100% cotton cloth. Wipe the glass surface gently; do not spray the solution onto the ActivPanel. Doing so could saturate the electronics and cause damage to the device. Only a small amount of the solution is needed to clean and sanitize the glass.  
  • Do not use volatile solvents (such as alcohol, rosin, and toluene) to clean the ActivPanel. These types of chemicals might damage the housing.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not apply pressure to the screen.
  • Allow the glass to air dry.

Please follow the steps below when cleaning the bezel and remote control:

  • Use a 100% cotton cloth or micro-fibre cloth for cleaning.
  • If the remote control or bezel is dirty to the point where you cannot simply dry wipe it, please lightly dampen the cleaning fabric with clean water and wipe it.
  • Use only lightly dampened fabric to avoid malfunction and possible permanent damage to electronic parts.
  • Finally, wipe the ActivPanel dry with a dry micro-fibre cloth or 100% cotton cloth.

Please ensure that those with access to the ActivPanel are aware of the cleaning procedure.