Performing a firmware upgrade unnecessarily can damage your ActivBoard. The firmware upgrade should only be carried out on the advice of Promethean Technical Support. If you are unsure about performing the firmware upgrade, please contact Promethean Technical Support.

This upgrade applies to ActivBoards with serial connections, including those with serial-USB converters.

Download the firmware upgrade

Using a Windows machine, extract the zip file to your desktop. Open the pc folder and then the Driver 4 folder.

If you are using a 1st Generation ActivBoard, go to the activ folder. If you are using a 2nd Generation ActivBoard, go to the proactiv folder.

Launch flashupgrade.exe and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted to disconnect and reconnect your ActivBoard power supply. If you are using a 2nd Generation ActivBoard on a Promethean system, be sure to power off the projector using the remote control and allow the fans to stop before unplugging the system from the wall.