This article is to be used when ActivStudio or ActivPrimary cannot be removed through the usual Windows methods. The first method of uninstalling the software is to go to the Windows Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs, select the software name and click on the Remove/Uninstall button.

Manually removing the software

Step 1

Please insert your ActivStudio or ActivPrimary CD. When the menu shows, click on close, go to My Computer, and explore your CD drive (right click on the CD, and choose Explore). Then go into a folder called Support, and then MSI Cleaner Utility.

In here you will see two executable files. If you are using Windows 2000, or XP, please install msi cleaner nt.exe. If you are using Windows 98, please install msi cleaner 9x.exe.

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Once you have installed the application, click on Start, Programs and launch Windows Install Clean Up.

When it launches, please choose the software name, for example ActivStudio Professional Edition, and then click Remove.

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At the prompt, please click OK and then restart your computer.

If the software has not been uninstalled, please continue to Step 2. 

Step 2 

Click on Start, Run and press Enter.

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Type in regedit and press Enter

On the screen that appears, click on the + sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Click on the + sign next to Software

Click on the + sign next to Activsoftware

You will now see a folder named after the software you want to remove. Press your right mouse button on this, and choose Delete, clicking Yes when prompted.

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Scroll down the list and click on the + sign next to Microsoft

Scroll a little further down, and click on the + sign next to Windows

Click on the + sign next to Current Version

Scroll a little further down and click on the + sign next to Uninstall

Here you will see a list of alphanumeric values within brackets. Click on the first one.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a list of data. Locate the Display Name and Display Version entries. Click through the alphanumeric folders on the left hand side until the Display Name on the right hand side shows the name of the software you are removing. This example shows ACTIVstudio 2 Developer Edition:

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Make a note of the first 8 digits of the alphanumeric folder on the left hand side. In the case above, In this example we would write down 0D8BB741. This information will be needed later. 

Right click on the alphanumeric number and choose Delete, clicking Yes when prompted. Close the Registry Editor.

From your desktop, double click on My Computer, and go to C:\Program Files\Installshield Installation Information (hidden file). If you cannot see this folder, click on ToolsFolder Options and then View. Scroll down the list, and ensure that Show hidden files and folders is selected.

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Click Apply, and then OK. You should now be able to see the Installshield Installation Information folder within C:\Program Files. Double click on it. You should now see a folder that has the same alphanumeric values as the ones we deleted earlier from the Registry Editor.

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Delete this folder and then reboot your computer.

Since December 2011 we no longer provide support for ActivPrimary or ActivStudio.