You may see these messages when you select the Manage Activities button and the Activity Store tab.

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This happens when the ActivTable cannot access the internet.

N.B. There may be occasions when the Activity Store is unavailable due to maintenance or upgrades. Please check our Support site for maintenance announcements.

Check that the ActivTable is connected to an Internet-enabled network. Log in to the Windows account and check the status of the network icon in the bottom right of the screen. Connect a mouse to one of the USB ports on the ActivTable and hover the cursor over the network icon. You will see a tooltip with the network status.

Icons that may signify an issue with the network or connections

Wired Internet connection disconnected:

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Wireless Internet connection disconnected:

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Connected to wireless network but no Internet connection:

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Icons that signify correct connections and network connectivity

Wireless Internet connection:

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Wired Internet connection:

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If the network icon indicates you have Internet access, launch Internet Explorer and then browse to an external Internet page of your choice.

If you find that you cannot access the Internet or your network icon indicates no Internet access, please contact your network administrator. They should check that the network is functioning and that the ActivTable has been correctly added to the school network.

If you can access the Internet, please log off the Windows account and log in to the ActivTable account.

Open Manage Activities and select the Activity Store tab.

If the Internet is working correctly you will see a list of activities.

If you are still unable to connect to the Activity Store, ensure that the Internet settings for the ActivTable account have been entered. In the main menu, select the Settings button. Select the Software and Security tab, and switch on Use Proxy Server. Ask your network administrator to verify that all of these settings are correct.

Once these settings have been verified, return to Manage Activities and select the Activity Store tab.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support with your ActivTable serial number.