Once your Promethean products have been registered you will be entitled to prioritised technical support from our dedicated telephone lines. The telephone numbers can be accessed in the following ways:

Promethean ActivCare warranty pack

If your organisation has purchased Promethean ActivCare Plus warranties, you will have received Promethean ActivCare warranty packs with the purchase.

Inside the warranty pack is a leaflet that lists the toll-free telephone numbers.

N.B. Products purchased with an ActivCare Plus warranty in the following countries will not be shipped with a warranty pack: UK, EIRE, Australia and New Zealand.

Promethean warranty certificate

When product registration takes place, a warranty certificate is emailed to the site contact. To retrieve a copy of the warranty certificate, log in to Promethean’s Registration Portal and click Warranty Certificate on the Home screen.

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Click the link for Technical Telephone Support at the bottom of the warranty certificate.

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Should you require any further assistance in locating the toll-free telephone numbers, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support.