The ActivBoard Touch is not shipped with a software or driver CD/DVD. In order to use the ActivBoard Touch you should download the latest versions of ActivInspire and ActivDriver.

New to ActivInspire? 

For help with downloading and installing ActivInspire, please follow the steps in article 1052.

Once you have downloaded ActivInspire, run the installer package on your computer by double clicking on it, and follow the onscreen wizard.

Launch ActivInspire from the shortcut on your desktop. Enter your details in the Promethean License Agreement window as well as the 20-digit ActivInspire Activation Key, which can be located on a sticker in the bottom right corner of your ActivBoard Touch.
User-added image
User-added image
Click OK to launch ActivInspire Professional Edition.

If your ActivBoard Touch does not have an ActivInspire Activation Key sticker, please consult article 1266 for further instructions.

Next Steps?

Helpful documentation and links to videos can be found on the ActivInspire product page

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