Promethean supplies and supports as standard a USB connection with ActivBoards. Where the workstation cannot be located within the range of the standard supplied cabling, Promethean recommends Cables To Go, Superbooster USB Extender (UK part #81620, ROW part #29341) with a maximum of 20m (65 feet) Cat5e cable, providing up to 25m (82 feet) connection from the ActivBoard.

NB: The extender can be up to 22m (72 feet) from the wallbox or connection panel if the ActivBoard is on a Promethean stand. The extender should be purchased as an additional extra to the standard Promethean product.

The following must be adhered to:

  1. The ActivBoard in use must be mains powered. 100 and 300 Series ActivBoards must have a power supply connected, and the 300 Pro and 500 Pro must be powered, with the amplifier switched on.
  2. The ActivBoard must complete its power-up sequence before you connect the USB extender.
  3. Laptops should also be mains powered. Laptops running on battery cannot be supported with USB extenders.
  4. Where the ActivBoard cabling is routed through trunking, a pass-through type faceplate should be used in place of terminating the cable at any point.

Although Promethean has tested this solution extensively, we cannot guarantee that it will work with all third party components. We would recommend purchasing a sample to try before ordering this solution for all systems, to ensure that the ActivBoard functions correctly in the desired environment.

The diagrams below represent sample configurations.

ActivBoard only

User-added image

Current ActivBoard Systems only

User-added image

ActivBoard System (Version 3 and previous) only

User-added image

Please contact your local Promethean reseller to purchase an ActivBoard power supply unit.