For products purchased before 1st September 2014, registering your new Promethean product is quick and easy, and upgrades your Standard Warranty to Promethean ActivCare. Registering your product extends the length of your warranty.

For products purchased on or after 1st September 2014, Promethean’s Standard ActivCare Warranty accompanies the product, so you do not need to register to obtain a warranty extension. You may still wish to register your product in order to obtain a warranty certificate, to start the warranty from the date of installation, and to gain access to the toll-free support telephone numbers.

You may also activate your Promethean ActivCare Plus warranty enhancements, which can improve the service level you receive from Promethean. You can do this by providing your activation code found on your Promethean ActivCare Plus warranty pack.

In countries* where ActivCare Plus is included with all ActivBoards and ActivBoard Systems, Promethean will automatically uplift warranties upon registration on the Registration Portal, and there is no need to activate an ActivCare Plus warranty code.

To register your product, please visit Promethean’s Registration Portal.

To register hardware, click the Hardware Registration button on the Home screen. Enter the serial number, installation date and ActivCare Plus Activation Code if you have one.

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If you have more than five products to register, you can click Add New Product to add more lines. However, if you have several, or already have the numbers in a spreadsheet, click Single Account Upload to download the Upload Template. Please follow the instructions as outlined on the screen and then upload your file.

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To register software, click Classroom Software on the Home screen.

Enter your license key.

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If you have more than five keys to register, click Add New Product to add more rows. When you have entered all of your keys, click Register, and you will be taken to the software section of My Products.

Should you require further assistance when using Promethean’s Registration Portal, please download the User Guide.

Please see the Warranty at a Glance Matrix for more information about Promethean ActivCare warranties or visit to find out more about Promethean ActivCare and to download the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

*United Kingdom, EIRE, Australia and New Zealand