Connect the ActivBoard to your computer using the USB cable provided. ActivManager will detect the ActivBoard. Tap the ActivManager icon, select Calibration and then select 5 points (Quick) or 25 points (Precision). ActivBoard Touch users’ Precision option is 16 points.

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The 25 points (Precision) option is recommended for use with Promethean’s EST-P1 and any other extreme short throw projectors.

Tap on the cross inside the orange circle.

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Once you have clicked on all of the crosses your ActivPen (and any touch inputs) will be aligned with the mouse cursor, ensuring that your ActivBoard continues to be one of the most precise interactive boards in the marketplace today.

Alternatively, launch calibration by hovering your ActivPen over the white flame LED in the top left corner of the ActivBoard. The calibration sequence will begin using the last-selected calibration option (5 or 25 points).

500 Series ActivBoard with extended desktop

When swapping USB ports and using a USB port for the first time, the ActivBoard 500’s Touch feature may revert to the primary screen whilst the ActivPen remains correctly aligned to the ActivBoard. If this happens, simply recalibrate the ActivBoard. Calibration for that USB port will then be stored.

Windows 8

On Windows 8, calibration will always be launched on the desktop. If the tiles (‘Metro’ user interface) are on the screen and you launch the calibration by hovering the ActivPen over the ActivBoard’s LED, you will not see the calibration screen. You must switch to desktop mode in order to calibrate your ActivBoard. To do this, press the Windows key if there is one on your device’s keyboard. Otherwise, tap the Desktop tile to continue with calibration.

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Once your ActivBoard has been calibrated, it will need to be reset on Windows 8. You will see a message on-screen before the ActivBoard resets. The LED may flash during this time; do not touch the ActivBoard whilst the LED is flashing. Once you see the solid white LED, your ActivBoard is ready to use.