The Wireless Upgrade Kit for the ActivBoard 100 and 300 comprises a power supply that should be plugged into the ActivBoard, and a 2.4GHz ActivHub that should be connected to your computer.

The Wireless Upgrade Kit for the ActivBoard 300 Pro comprises a 2.4GHz ActivHub.

Should you already own Promethean peripherals, such as ActivSlate, ActiVote or ActivExpression, it is likely you have a 2.4GHz ActivHub. You may use the same ActivHub to register your ActivBoard wirelessly, provided the firmware is v5.10 or above.

Wireless Registration

Ensure the ActivBoard USB cable has been disconnected before you begin.

Click the ActivManager icon.

Highlight Registration and select Wireless ActivBoard.

User-added image

An image will be displayed on your ActivBoard, showing an ActivPen moving towards the LED flame in the top left corner. The circles indicate that the ActivPen’s right-click button should be pressed while you hover the ActivPen over the flame.

User-added image

Once the flame begins to flash white, you will see a series of 3 targets.

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When the first target is displayed, left click in the centre of the target using the ActivPen. Your LED flame should turn magenta. When the second target appears, click in the centre of the target. Your LED flame should turn white. When the final target appears, click in its centre and your LED flame should turn yellow.

Once complete, your LED flame will remain yellow, you will see the following image and a prompt to calibrate your ActivBoard.

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If wireless registration was unsuccessful, you will see this screen.

User-added image

If this happens, reset the ActivBoard and try again.