1767 - How to add an ActivInspire activity to a flipchart

1767 – How to add an ActivInspire activity to a flipchart

Applicable to:

  • ActivInspire


Activities are features that can be created directly from the ActivInspire Dashboard. For more information, please read article 1763.

Once saved, an activity can be added to a flipchart.

To do this, open the activity from the Dashboard and click on the Add To Page button at the top.
NB: The activity must be saved first before it can be added.

Alternatively, if the activity was recently opened and is listed in the Recent tab under Activities, click on the + icon located to the right of the activity to add it to the flipchart.

The activity will now appear on the current flipchart page as an object and can be moved anywhere on the page.
You can add several activities to the same page.

A simple click on the activity’s icon will play the activity from the flipchart.

As the activity is embedded into the flipchart, once the flipchart has been saved, it can be opened on another computer with the same version of ActivInspire and the activity will still be there.

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