1754 - What is the Promethean Chromebox Utility app?

1754 – What is the Promethean Chromebox Utility app?

Applicable to:

  • ActivPanel Elements Series

    ActivPanel Elements Series

  • Promethean Chromebox

    Promethean Chromebox

This app allows the ActivPanel Elements Series Unified Menu to:

  1. Display the apps that are installed on a connected Promethean Chromebox within the ActivPanel Locker
  2. Allow a user to launch an app that is installed on the Promethean Chromebox from the ActivPanel Locker
  3. Show and launch a Promethean Chromebox app from the Recent Apps icon on the ActivPanel Unified Menu without having to switch sources

NOTE: The Promethean Chromebox Utility app allows users see and launch Promethean Chromebox apps from the Locker. The Promethean Chromebox Utility app only tracks the apps that have been used by the account associated with the Google login used to access the Promethean Chromebox. This information is not transmitted to Promethean, nor is it permanently stored.


To set up this integration between the ActivPanel Elements Series and the Promethean Chromebox:

  1. Ensure your ActivPanel Elements Series has the latest firmware.
  2. Connect the Promethean Chromebox to the ActivPanel Elements Series using the HDMI 2 and USB 2 ports. Only these ports allow for app integration.
  3. Make sure your ActivPanel Elements Series and Promethean Chromebox are connected to the same network.
    NB: If your network uses a firewall, it may be necessary to whitelist this URL: https://api.prometheanpanel.com/v1/
  4. A Google account is required to fully utilise any Chrome device.

ActivPanel Network Connection

Once you have connected your Promethean Chromebox to the HDMI 2 and USB 2 ports on the ActivPanel, you can connect each device to a network via an Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi. These steps are covered in the System Install and User Guides for ActivPanel Titanium, Nickel and Cobalt.

Promethean Chromebox Network Connection

To view the Promethean Chromebox on the ActivPanel, open the Unified Menu, tap Source and select HDMI 2. Once the Promethean Chromebox is displayed, tap the bottom right corner of the screen to access your network options.

Tap the network connection icon to access Wi-Fi options (see below). Please refer to article 1751 for help with connecting your Promethean Chromebox to a Wi-Fi network.

Install the Promethean Chromebox Utility app

On the Promethean Chromebox, log in to your Google account and search the Google Play Store for Promethean Chromebox Utility. Tap Install to install the app on the Promethean Chromebox.


  1. Locate and note the ActivPanel serial number.
    • To locate the ActivPanel serial number, open the Unified Menu, then the Locker, and then select the Update app. Make note of the serial number in the bottom left corner of the Update window.
  2. Switch sources to the Promethean Chromebox.
    • Open the Unified Menu again and tap Source, then select HDMI 2 to display the Promethean Chromebox.
  3. Open Chromebox notifications.
    • Tap to open the Chromebox notification area at the bottom right of the screen.
    • If this is the first time you have used the application there will be two notifications that are relevant to the utility as indicated by the picture below.
    • One notification will say Click to set Panel Serial number and the second will say Please enable usage access by clicking here. You will need to complete both of these actions by following the instructions below.
  4. Enable usage access.
    • Tap Please enable usage access by clicking here.
    • Once you tap the notification, you will be taken to a settings screen where you can enable usage access by tapping the button to the right.
    • You may need to first tap on the Promethean Chromebox Utility app to get to the Usage access page.
  5. Set the ActivPanel serial number.
    • Tap the Click to set Panel Serial number notification and you will be presented with a dialog. Enter the ActivPanel serial number that you noted down earlier and then tap OK. The serial number is not case sensitive.

      : Every unique user will have to perform the serial number integration with their unique login information the first time they use the Promethean Chromebox with the ActivPanel.  They will only need to enter it once per user.
  6. Confirming connection.
    • You should now see a notification that the Promethean Chromebox Utility has connected to an IP address, confirming that the Promethean Chromebox and the ActivPanel are connected. The connection information will persist and, on reboot or sign out of the Promethean Chromebox, it will attempt to connect to this IP address again. You can check the connection status at any time by tapping on the notification area in the bottom right corner of the Promethean Chromebox desktop. The Promethean Chromebox Utility app will continue to be displayed whether or not the ActivPanel is connected.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If the notification indicates that it cannot connect to the ActivPanel, please check the following:

    1. Is the Promethean Chromebox connected to a network?
    2. Is the ActivPanel connected to a network?
    3. Does the serial number that you entered in the Promethean Chromebox Utility app match the serial number of the ActivPanel?
    4. If the serial number matches, is port 6380 blocked by your firewall? The devices will need this open to pass information back and forth.
    5. If the Promethean Chromebox and the ActivPanel are on different networks/subnets, can these networks find a route to each other?
    6. Is the user logged into the Promethean Chromebox? You may need to log in again upon reboot of the Promethean Chromebox.
    7. Why is the Promethean Chromebox Utility app showing up even though I didn’t download it? If your school is using Chrome OS device management, or if another user has already installed the app, then the Promethean Chromebox Utility app may already be present on that particular Promethean Chromebox. You will still need to configure the serial number to sync it to the ActivPanel.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.