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1692 – How can I edit previously created activities on the ActivTable Activity Builder?

Applicable to:

  • ActivTable


Once you have created an activity on the Activity Builder, you can save it onto your computer as an .asa file. This file cannot be edited further. Any changes to the activity must be made in the ActivTable Activity Builder itself, found on www.activtable.com.

If you are using the computer on which the activity was created and saved, and provided your browsing data has not been cleared, it will be listed under My Activities in the Activity Builder.

If the activity does not appear under My Activities in the Activity Builder but you have bookmarked the activity URL, you will still be able to access the activity.

Another way to edit a previously created activity is to copy the URL from the address bar and save it in a Word document whenever you create a new activity. If you want to access the activity at a later time, just copy and paste the URL into Google Chrome. You will then be able to edit, save and download the activity again.

If you have not bookmarked or saved the URL but you have downloaded the activity, follow the steps below to edit the activity in the ActivTable Activity Builder:

  1. Go to the ActivTable Activity Builder at www.activtable.com.
  2. Select any created activity or click Modify on any starter activity.
  3. Now locate the activity you have downloaded on your computer, which is an .asa file, and rename it to .zip.
  4. Open the .zip file.
  5. Find the activity.xml file within it and open it.
  6. Copy the ActivityBuilderGUID reference near the top of the page (the reference contains 32 alphanumeric characters separated by hyphens).
  7. Go back to the ActivTable Activity Builder and replace the reference at the end of the URL with the ActivityBuilderGUID reference you have just copied. Hit Enter.
  8. You can now edit, save and download the activity again. You may wish to bookmark the page or make a note of the URL for future reference.

For more information about activities in the Activity Builder, please refer to article 1182.

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