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1222 – How are hubs handled in ActivEngage2?

Applicable to:

  • ActivEngage Software

    ActivEngage Software

  • ActivEngage2 Software

    ActivEngage2 Software

ActivEngage2 handles hubs differently to ActivEngage. In ActivEngage2, when a teacher opens ActivInspire and connects to the ActivEngage2 Server, a virtual hub is automatically created for that teacher. The network administrator does not have to create multiple hubs as they would in ActivEngage.

Hubs are only available when ActivInspire is connected to the server. Closing ActivInspire disconnects the virtual hub. The hub information is maintained, although it will be removed from the hub list in the ActivEngage2 Server Console. This promotes better management of the license so multiple hubs can connect without reaching the maximum limit.

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