1096 - Registering the ActivSlate in ActivInspire | Promethean Support

1096 – Registering the ActivSlate in ActivInspire

Applicable to:

  • ActivHub


  • ActivInspire


  • ActivSlate


  • ActivSlate 60

    ActivSlate 60

  • X2nd Generation ActivBoard

    2nd Generation ActivBoard

If you are unsure which hardware is required to connect your ActivSlate, please consult article 1026.

Connect the relevant hardware to your computer and launch ActivInspire. Select the Voting Browser.

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Click Device Registration.

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Select the hardware (ActivHub or ActivBoard) in the column on the left, and then click on ActivSlate.

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Click Register.

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Enter the number of ActivSlates and click Next.

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Follow the on-screen instructions, using the ActivPen provided with your ActivSlate to hold the Register button and enter the PIN code.

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Once the ActivSlate has been registered, you will see it listed in the Device Registration window.

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If you are using an ActivSlate model PRM-RS1-01, you will need to click Enable to activate it.

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Your ActivSlate is ready to use.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.