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1069 – My projector remote control no longer works

Applicable to:

  • EST P1

    EST P1

  • PRM 10

    PRM 10

  • PRM 20

    PRM 20

  • PRM 25

    PRM 25

  • PRM 30

    PRM 30

  • PRM 35

    PRM 35

  • PRM 45 A

    PRM 45 A

  • SSI Projectors

    SSI Projectors

  • UST P1

    UST P1

Replace the two double AA batteries with new ones. With the new batteries installed in the remote control, you should be able to switch on the projector.

The operation of the remote control can be tested by using a mobile phone or digital camera. Please refer to article 1274 for further information.

Infrared technology relies on line of sight, so any obstructions can prevent the remote control signal being sent to the projector. Additionally, other products that contain infrared transmitters or receivers (such as infrared cameras, infrared microscopes or the ActivBoard Touch) can affect the remote control’s signal. To counter this, ensure you are pointing the remote control directly at the projector’s Infrared receiver.

LCD projectors only (PRM-10, PRM-20 and PRM-30)

If the remote control is still not functioning correctly, it should be noted that the remote control has two different remote control codes. This allows you to control two projectors in the same room. The remote control codes are switched via the remote control: CODE 1 and CODE 2. The code may have been changed by mistake so that the projector is set to CODE 1 and the remote control is set to CODE 2 (or vice-versa).

To change the code, press and hold the MENU and IMAGE buttons together on the remote handset for at least 15 seconds.

PRM-10 and PRM-20 remote control:
User-added image
PRM-30 remote control:
User-added image
This will change the remote control code. If the remote control is still not operating the projector, try another known working remote control. You may need to change the remote control code as described above.

If this works, the likelihood is that the original remote control has a fault and needs to be replaced.

All projectors

If the known working remote control does not operate the projector, the likelihood is that the projector itself is at fault. If this is the case, please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support with your projector serial number.

If you still need technical support, please contact us.