1055 - How do I set up my PRM-45 or UST image? | Promethean Support

1055 – How do I set up my PRM-45 or UST image?

Applicable to:

  • PRM 45 A

    PRM 45 A

  • UST P1

    UST P1

  • UST P2

    UST P2

The PRM-45 and UST projectors’ native resolution is 1280 x 800 (16:10 aspect ratio). As such, it supports widescreen resolution laptops for use with a widescreen (87”/88”/95”) ActivBoard. The projector also supports ActivBoards with a 4:3 aspect ratio (64”/78”) and can therefore be used with all ActivBoards.

This article identifies the correct aspect ratio for each ActivBoard, and the different screen resolutions that can be used with the projector. It also contains information about adjusting your projector to display the image correctly. This article assumes that the projector has been installed correctly and has been tested by the installer.

List of ActivBoards and aspect ratios

User-added image

Please ensure your computer is set to the appropriate resolution for the size of your ActivBoard.

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control
  • Using the right arrow key navigate to Installation I
  • Now press the down arrow key so that ActivBoard Installation is highlighted
  • Press the Select key
  • Press the down arrow key so that White Board is highlighted
  • Press the right arrow key until the correct aspect ratio for your ActivBoard is visible

This method will ensure that the aspect ratio is set correctly, whatever the source.

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